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Dr. Like Wu 

Director of China Stem Cells Medical Center, M.D. Neurology

Dr. Like Wu is the director of Stem Cell Therapy Center. He is one of Chinese most widely respected neurologists since 1985 when he first started as a resident at one of Chinese top domestic facilities, the Beijing Union Hospital. He had followed Professor Feng Yingkun, the initiator of our native Neurology Science and an expert of neurology, Professor Liu Xiuqin. In 1994, Dr. Wu had further study of neurology, cardiology and general medicine at the instruction of Professor Liu Lisheng and Professor Pan Yingfu in Beijing Fuwai Hospital and Friendship Hospital. He achieved PhD of medical Sciences in Hebei Medical University in 2005. He work with his director of doctor, Professor Wang Mingwei and complete the project bone marrow stromal stem cell implantation treat Parkinson Disease , the project won the second prize of Hebei scientific and technological progress. Dr. Like Wu has a deep understanding in treatment of cerebrovascular disease, seizure, dementia, vertigo and headache, etc. he is good at general internal medicine and cardiology. Dr. Wu mastered the skill of neural stem cell´s pure culture and identification. In these years, he devoted himself in the research of Autologous stem cell activation treatment for cerebrovascular disease and stem cell implantation treat Parkinson disease and ALS, etc. He published more than 30 research articles and he attending the writing of many medical works. His project neural stem cell activation technology post cerebral ischemia  won the Natural Science Foundation of Hebei province. Dr. Wu is the membership of Chinese Medical Doctors Association, Chinese Physicians association and World Brilliant Chinese Association, the Distinguished Researcher of China science management committee.


Dr. Xiaojuan Wang

Associate Director of China Stem Cells Medical Center, M.D. Neurology

Dr. Xiaojuan Wang is Associate Director of the Stem Cell Therapy Center. She is one of the world´s most experienced researchers of stem cell treatment technology. She had learned from Professor Li Chunyan, the only neurology  science academician in China and an expert of cerebrovascular disease, Professor Yu Huafeng. Dr. Wang is good at the treatment of cerebrovascular disease, neuro-degenerative diseases (such as Parkinson Disease, dementia, etc), demyelinating diseases (such as MS, optic neuritis, etc). She mastered technology of neural stem cells pure culture, proliferation and differentiation in vitro, the identification and the technique of organotypic culture. Dr. Wang had rich experience of the stem cell treatment for brain injury and spinal cord injury. She had done the research work of the Hebei Natural Science Foundation project Establishment of Organotypic Cullture Model of Spinal cord for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, and her another project Effect of estrogen on neural stem cells proliferation and differentiation post cerebral ischemia won the Youth Foundation. Cooperated with Johns Hopkins University USA, Dr. Wang had done much research of motor neuron disease and brain protection therapy post cerebral ischemia. Dr. Wang had taken part in the writing in China on Diabetes, Cardiac & Cerebral vascular diseases, and treating patients in crisis situations, she had published more than 40 research articles. Dr. Wang is the membership of Chinese Medical Association, China Physicians Association, World Brilliant Chinese Association, the Distinguished Researcher of China science management committee.


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