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Jan 07, 2008 ,by Lesley Van Arsdall 5-year-old, Curtis Anthony is leaving for China Tuesday morning to get treatment for a rare neurological disease that is slowly killing him. Basically hes missing an enzyme needed to break down toxins in the brain

Jan 01,2008 ,by SARAH LARSON Then they told you: some of your beautiful little boys enzymes are malfunctioning. Like garbage men on strike, they are not doing their jobs of clearing toxic buildup out of the cells in the brain, retina and central nerv

Jan 07, 2008 by Lesley Van Arsdall Wu Stem Cells Medical Center, which specializes in neuroscience, has declared its support for the Nightingale Declaration Campaign. The statement issued by Wang Yan, Director of Nursing and Wang Qinglian, Hospital D

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