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Margaret Umondak - Immunologic Disorders

Author Julia Views Posted at 2014/01/13

Name: Margaret Umondak
Sex: Female
Country: Nigeria
Age: 34
Diagnosis: Systemic lupus erythematosus

Admission Date: 2011-11-12
Days Admitted to Hospital: 29

Margaret suffered intermittent fevers, the fevers were mainly mild. There was also pain in the joints, swelling and skin damage. She went to the local hospital for further examinations and was diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus. She received hormone therapy, but the effectiveness was minimal and the symptoms continued to progress. Margaret had joint pain throughout the body and the pain in the shoulder joints, elbow joints, wrist joints and interphalangeal small joint were more severe. There was also general malaise, weakness, poor appetite, canker sores and bleeding gums. The vision in the left eye decreased. She also had a fungal skin infection.

The admission examination showed that Margaret had normal development and nutrition. There was acute pain in the face and her facial expressions revealed this. There was also severe hair loss. There was a fungal infection and skin damage on the face, legs and hips. The gums were red, swollen, and bleeding. She could cooperate with the physical examination. The color of the conjunctiva was pale. The vision in the left eye was poor. There was intermittent impairment to the hearing in the right ear. There were several oral ulcers. There was scattered pus on the tip of the uvula. The pharynx was red and swollen. The tonsils were swollen 1 degree, with no purulent secretion. The respiration of both lungs was weak, with no dry or moist rales. The heart sounds were weak but the cardiac rhythm was regular. The abdomen was flat, the liver and spleen were not palpable. There was swelling in the bilateral shoulder joints, elbow joints, the small bones of the hands, and knee joints, with tenderness and showing asymmetry. The muscle strength of all four limbs was weak. Margaret had difficulty with making a fist or raising her arms. She couldn´t stand or walk. The muscle tone of all four limbs was normal. Margaret had difficulty finishing the coordinated movement examination. The tendon reflexes of both upper limbs were delayed. The bilateral abdominal reflexes were not elicited. The bilateral patellar tendon reflex and Achilles tendon reflex were not elicited.

The doctors found that Margaret´s white blood cell count was low and had anemia. The speed of the blood sedimentation was fast. The examination results of the liver, kidneys and coagulation functioning were abnormal. The diagnoses of systemic lupus erythematosus and. acute tonsillitis were clear. Margaret received treatment to regulate the immune system, correct the anemia, increase the leucocytes, control the infection, and protect the liver and kidneys. At the same time, she received treatment to expand the blood vessels in order to improve the blood circulation and she received neural stem cell activation treatment. This was combined with neurological rehabilitation training. While in the hospital, Margaret had chills and a high fever, the temperature reached 39 degree. There was coughing with white phlegm. Through auscultation it was determined that the breathing sounds were rough and there was rhonchus in both lungs. CT of the chest showed that the markings in both lungs were increased. The onset of the systemic lupus erythematosus was acute, with acute pneumonia considered. Margaret had her immune system regulated to control the lupus. At the same time, she received treatment to control the infection and to relieve the coughing and phlegm.

After the treatment plan was completed, Margaret´s systemic lupus erythematosus had been stabilized and the pneumonia had been alleviated. The pharyngalgia had also disappeared. Her appetite had improved. The sleeping pattern is now normal. The canker sores have healed. The redness and swelling in the gums have been alleviated. There is still some occasional bleeding from the gums. The swelling and pain in the joints have been alleviated. The movement in all four limbs has returned to normal. Margaret can now walk up and down the stairs independently. She can almost take care of herself.

The assistant examination showed: renal functioning has returned to normal. The white blood cell count has reached 8.2*109/L.

Before her discharge from Wu Stem Cells Medical Center, Margaret told the staff at our medical center: "I am becoming very good. Before the treatment, my condition was very bad, I felt very weak. But a few days later after the treatment, my condition improved and I feel strong now. Before I came to China, I went to England and other countries for treatment, but their therapy gave no assistance to me. Wu Stem Cells Medical Center is a very good medical center. Many patients have a chance for a new beginning. The doctors, nurses and entire staff here are very kind. I am very happy with your medical center, thanks."



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