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Ramesh Srinivasan - Sequelae of brain injury(India) Posted on October 11, 2011

Author Julia Views Posted at 2014/01/08

Name: Ramesh Srinivasan
Sex: Male
Country: India
Age: 40
Diagnoses: Sequelae of brain injury, secondary epilepsy, post-ventriculoperitoneal shunt 2. Low pigment-small-cell anemia 3.varicose veins in the left leg
Admission Date: 2011-08-04
Days Admitted to the Hospital: 30

Ramesh was involved in a car accident 27 years ago on December 30, 1984. He suffered a coma and was sent to the local hospital immediately. He was diagnosed with a brain injury and underwent surgery for 10 hours. He was in a comatose state for 3 months at the hospital. After Ramesh came out of his coma, he returned home and was able to pronounce simple words. His arms and legs were very weak and he underwent physical rehabilitation which helped his condition to improve gradually. But Ramesh still had problems with his balance, as well as varicose veins in the left leg and paralysis on the right side of the face that especially affected the movement ability of the right eye. After receiving a comprehensive examination, an MRI of the head showed that he had hydrocephalus and the left side was more severe. He received ventricular drainage in 1990. After the treatment was completed, Ramesh was able to finish school and started work. Initially Ramesh was able to do his work and live a normal life with some assistance from his family. But in 1998, his short-term memory started to gradually decline. His comprehension ability decreased and his responses were slow. Shortly before being admitted to our medical center, most of his ability to live a normal life was gone.

At the time of admission, Ramesh was alert but he was irritable; and his language was vague, with plosive. He had problems with his short-term memory and calculation ability. The pupils were not equal in size, the diameter of the pupil in the left eye was 2.0mms, and the diameter of the pupil in the right eye was 3.0mms. The pupils were sensitive to light stimulus. Both eyeballs had limited movement and the convergence ability of the left eye was poor. The right eye had limited movement to each side. The right eyelid couldn't be raised. The left eye had strong closing ability. The teeth were shifted slightly to the left side. The muscle strength of the left arm was level 5; the muscle strength of the right arm was level 5-. The flexibility of the fingers of the right hand was poor. Ramesh was able to hold objects with the thumb and forefinger but was unable to tightly grasp the objects. The muscle strength of both legs was level 4. The muscle tone of all four limbs was normal. The tendon reflexes of both arms were normal and the tendon reflexes of both legs were active. The balancing ability was poor when Ramesh tried to stand. The bilateral Hoffmann's sign was positive and the bilateral Babinski's sign was positive.

From the onset of the disease, Ramesh has been emotionally unstable. His sleeping habits and diet are normal. There have been no obvious changes in his weight.

After the completion of the stem cell treatment, Ramesh's emotional state was more stable. He is better able to cooperate with the physical rehabilitation training and physical examinations. The cognitive functioning has improved, and Ramesh knows his room number and age. The fingers of the right hand are more flexible and are able to complete the grasping movement. His writing is more legible. He has better control over his balance while standing and can walk up and down the stairs better. He often go for a walk in Wu Stem Cells Medical Center and enjoy the environment of the medical center.

Ramesh's mother write to us:


We thanks all of you for good treatment that we have received at Wu Stem Cells Medical Center. We reached India on saturday and Ramesh is doing fine. We are happy to note a few small improvements in him. Yesterday after he got up from sleep when we asked him where he took treatment he spontaneously replied that he took the treatment in Beijing,China. Though the memory is varying and unpredicatable there are such flashes in his remarks.

Today when he asked by his assistant when he came back to India he remarked that he returned the day before yesterday night which agian was very surprising.

At the hospital I was helping him with his food and your staff thought he needs help for eating. It was only becuase he had IV line in his hand and we did not want Ramesh to be picked up every day for a new IV line. At home he eats by himself and washes his plates/goes and leave its place for washing.

Another improvement that we saw is that poure water into a cup steadily without spilling and the coorrect quantity.

Yours truly,
Mother of Ramesh


Dear Susan,
We are finding some small improvements in Ramesh in his behaviour.
1. His bleeding has stopped and he is taking physiotherapy.
2. His drowsiness has slightly decreased.

Your Truly,
Ms. N. Srinivasan.

Dear Susan,

We have sent the blood test report last week. We find that Ramesh is improving slowly and steadily.


Ms. N. Srinivasan.




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