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Tuya Yanu - Brain injury sequelae (Argentina) Posted on May 15, 2013

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Name: Tuya Yanu
Sex: Female
Country: Argentina
Age: 1 year and 8 months
Diagnoses: Brain injury sequelae; secondary epilepsy; Post operation of ventriculo-peritoneal shunt
Admission Date: 2013-04-16
Days Admitted to the Hospital: 27

Before treatment:
The patient's mother suffered a TOX infection during the gestation period. But the patient's mother didn't receive special treatment. The patient was delivered through caesarean section at 37 weeks of pregnancy. The patient suffered from growth and development delay, intelligent development delay, epilepsy, swallow difficulty, poor movements, bowel and bladder dysfunction after birth. The patient received CT and EEG examination, the result showed the patient suffered from hydrocephalus and epilepsy. Then the patient received ventrideperitoneal cavity and some medications to treat epilepsy. The hydrocephalus and epileptic seizure were almost under control. Then the patient received rehabilitation of limbs, sound production and vision. Before the treatment, the patient has the following symptoms: growth and development delay, difficulty swallowing, poor muscle strength. The patient couldn't turn over, crawl, sit, stand or walk at all. The algesia below both knee joints had disappeared. She also had bowel and bladder dysfunction.

Nervous System Examination:
Tuya Yanu was alert and was in good spirits. She suffered from logagnosia. She couldn't cooperate with the examination of memory, calculation abilities and orientation. Both pupils were equal in size and their diameter was 3.0mms. Left eye had light sensation, but right eye had no light sensation. Both eyes had slow response to light reflex. Both eyes had no direct or indirect light reflex. The position of eyes was normal. Both eyeballs could move freely. The forehead wrinkle pattern was symmetrical. The nasolabial groove was the same depth. She had no chewing ability and mainly had a semi-liquid diet. She also had some difficulty swallowing. There was no obvious cough when she swallowed. She couldn't cooperate with other cranial nerve examination. She couldn't cooperate with the muscle strength examination of the four limbs. Both upper limbs could bend elbows and raise arms. Both hands couldn't finish the fine motor skills. The movement of both lower limbs' near-end was normal. But both lower limbs' far�Cend and feet had no movement. The muscle strength of the four limbs was almost normal. Bilateral abdominal reflexes were elicited normally. Bilateral radioperiosteal reflex, biceps reflex and triceps reflex were normal. Bilateral patellar tendon reflex was normal. Bilateral Achilles tendon reflex was not elicited. Both palm jaw reflex was negative. Bilateral Hoffmann sign was negative. Bilateral Babinski sign was negative. She was unable to finish the rapid rotation test, point thumb with other fingers or the finger-to-nose-test. She couldn't cooperate with deep or shallow sensation examination. There was no response when we stimulated the skin below both knee joints. If we stimulated other skin parts of the body, the patient had a response and avoided it. The meningeal irritation sign was negative.

We initially gave Tuya Yanu a complete examination and she was diagnosed with Brain injury sequelae. Then we proceeded with the nerve nutrition, and improved the blood circulation in order to increase the blood supply to the damaged neurons. She also began strengthening nutrition, nerve repair and nerve regeneration. This was combined with daily physical rehabilitation training.

The patient's condition is better. The weight and height have all increased. Both eyeballs can follow a spot. The patient has better reflex to light stimulus. The chew action has increased. The swallow ability has increased. The time taking food has shortened. The muscle strength of the neck and both upper limbs has increased. She has better control of raising her head and swivel. Both upper limbs have more active movements. And the actions are more flexible. The left upper limb has significant improvements. The left hand can be put into the mouth for sucking. Both hands can grasp small toys. With some assistance, the patient can sit with straight legs for a while. Right hallex has more movement. At present, the patient's condition is stable. The treatment plan has been completed and the discharge has been permitted.


Date: 2013-07-20

Dear Doctor,

Tuya health condition is fluctuating ,variable . Ups and downs .

On the 1 st week of July , Tuya begun with Hi fever . Raising 39.5 C / 38 C . No signs of illness , I medicated her with antitermic : Ibuprofen 4 % every 6 hs , plus fresh water baths . But ..... Hi temperatures didn t leave .( 2 to 3 days with hi temperature )
On Monday morning urine check : the result : URINE INFECCION . ( stericchia coli bacteria ) . She begun with : " FURADANTINA "ANTIBIOTIC ( 3.5 ml every 8 hs for 10 days )
From today on : To prevent a re- infeccion She will intake : Monday - Wednesday-Friday a 5ml " FURANDANTINA " dosis . ( for 3 months.....then she ´ll rest , and try to be healthy on her on ) - August : she ´ll do a Bladder and Kidney ultrasound check .
* because of Hi body temperatures She has had convulsions crisis .

Neurology head Doctor : Increases " Sabril 500 " for Epilepsy and Convulsions crisis . She is nowadays 800 mg daily dosis ( 400 mg in the Morning and 400 mg at Night )
E.E.G test : good results - No more convulsions .

Night rest : as always ,.....not very good .
Food : She was almost a month that She didn t want to eat semi solid food / She only accepted her Non lactose formula milk bottle .
Since a week ago .... she ´s eating again some semi solid food ( small amounts of : read meat , chicken or fish plus cooked vegetables, cereals, and vegetable oils )
I m not giving Her : the Iron and Vitamins supplements , because of stomach discomfort.
Pohh : ...as always ... most of the times light brown-yellow color /semi-liquid as a diarrhea .

She seems to suffer heartburn .( again ...its comes and goes ) We´ll going to visit Stomach ´s and digestive sistem Doctor next week .

Blood pressure avarage : 100 / 55.8
Heart pulse : 110.3 p.p.min.

Blood test : next Monday 22 blood extration - I m going to re send You blood test result as soon as I have it .

She continues every morning and night with stem cells medication schedule , until August 15 , 2013. ( 3 months plan ).

Our best regards , Mariana Rogelio and Tuya.


I've forgotten to let You know about Tuya's body improvments or changes :

We don't see any significant improvment .
She keeps the straight and a little more body force she's developed during the Month in the clinic -Beijing .

She does: Kinesiology 3 times a week .
Ocupational therapy: once a week.
Fonoaudelology for feeding : 3 times a week
Fonoaudeology to estimulate comunication and oral expresion : twice a week
Visual estimulation : twice a week .
... some excercises at home , and the "stander" one or two times a day.

Thank You , Mariana ( Tuya's Mam )

Thank You very much to You and Dr Wu .
Will keep You informed and in contact.

Regards Tuya's family



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