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Adam Gabriel Gonealez-Cerebral Palsy-(Argentina)-Posted on Nov.29th, 2016

Author Zhangqi Views Posted at 2016/11/29

Name: Adam Gabriel Gonealez
Sex: Male  
Nationality: Argentine
Age: 11 years old  
Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy
Admission Date:May 2nd, 2016
Treatment hospital/ period: Wu Medical Center/ 22 days

Before treatment:
The patient was suffered from asphyxia then years ago when he was born with two weeks cord around the neck. He appeared apnoeic after birth. After the secure, he had the normal vital signs. After 24 house of his birth, he had first time epilepsy, and after 48 hours, he had second seizure of epilepsy. Then he was given the treatment to take medicine of Barbitone. The patient was discovered with abnormal movement function after 16 days since he was born and was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. And after that, the development of his movement function and recognition function was slower than other children in same age. At his 3 months, he was stopped to take Barbitone due to his epilepsy was stopped. Because he has the paroxysmal  panic, he was given the medicine baclofen for three years, but he did not get effect. Three years later, he was attacked by epilepsy frequently and he had the interval grand seizure, so he was given the medicine with diazepam, but his epilepsy was not improved. Since five years later, he was given Clobazam to control his epilepsy and the seizure of his epilepsy was reduced gradually and he did not have grand seizure of epilepsy. Three years ago, he was attacked by grand seizure of epilepsy once every two months and he was given additional medicine with levetiracetam. Two years ago, he came to our hospital for nerve repairing treatment. After treatment, the seizure degree of his epilepsy was obviously reduced, the movement of his limbs was more flexibly compared to his before status, he can turn himself over, and his muscle tension is reduced. Half a year ago, he had an operation on his left hip joint, after such operation, his movement function was limited and in order to have further improvement, he came to our hospital for treatment. His spirit is weak since he had this disease, his swallowing function is better changed, his sleep is good, his defecation is regular with three to five times per day, his urination is relied on the baby diaper and its quantity and color is basically normal.

Admission PE:
Bp: 118/74mmHg. Hr: 96/min. Body temperature: 36.4 degree. Height: 133cms, weight: 23kgs. He had mild thoracic valgus. The respiratory sounds in both lungs were clear, with no dry or moist rales. His heart sound was strong, the cardiac rate was normal, there was no obvious murmur in the valves. The abdomen was soft and flat. The liver and spleen were normal. Both of his lower limbs were not deopsical.

Nervous System Examination:
Adam Gabriel Gonealez was alert but his spirit was bad, he was not able to speak, he had lags in response. He didn’t cooperate with the memory, orientation ability or calculation examinations. Both pupils were equal in size and round and both pupils were sensitive to light stimulus. The eyes were not in the right position, he was able to move his eyes very well. His tongue was centered in his mouth, his uvula was in the right position. His neck was soft, it was difficult for him to raise his head, the muscle tension of his neck was lower than normal, he was able to move his head. He didn’t cooperate with the muscle examinations of limbs, either. He was not able to control his limbs’ movements. The muscle of his trunk was weak, so he was not able to sit up or walk, but he was able to turn over to left and right. The muscle tension of four limbs was a little higher than normal. Both of his waists bend to ulnar side and palmar side. Both of his arms supinated. Both his hips and knees leaned to right a little and were in flexed position. Bilateral abdominal reflexes were abnormal. Bilateral radial periosteal reflex, biceps reflex and triceps reflex were weaker. Bilateral patella tendon reflex and ankle reflex were normal. Bilateral ankle clonus, sucking reflex and palm-jaw reflex were negative. Left Hoffmann sign was positive, right Hoffmann sign was negative, left Babinski sign was negative, right Babinski sign was positive. He didn’t cooperate with other examinations.    

After admission, Adam was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, he received four times Mesenchymal stem cells injection and four times Neural stem cells injection, so as to initiate the repairing of nerve and regeneration of nerve, activate his in-vivo stem cells, initiate the growth of nerve, improve the blood circulations, nourish neurons, regulate the immunity and control epileptic attack. He also had physical rehabilitation.

Post Treatment:
His spirit is better changed, his reaction speed is faster, he can communicate with his family member, he can make pronunciation for some words. He got more power of his trunk, he got the ability to sit up in semi-reclining position, he is more flexibly to turn himself over, and his power in lower limbs is increased, his movement function is improved, the movement space of his bone joint is enlarged and his muscle tension is better changed. He did not got the seizure of epilepsy and his eating status is better.



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