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Name: Lucas Pastorino Sex: Male Country: Argentina Age: 7 Diagnoses: 1.Cerebral palsy 2. Hydrocephalus post ventriculoperitoneal shunt 3. Secondary epilepsy Admission Date: September 10, 2012 Days Admitted to Hospital: 28 Before treatment: The patien

Name: Ronny Mohsin Sex: Male Country: Pakistan Age: 3.5 Diagnoses: 1.Cerebral palsy 2. Epilepsy Admission Date: 2012-07-13 Days Admitted to Hospital: 29 Before treatment: The patient was born with full-term normal delivery. He had suffocation history

Name: Vaishnavi (Shonia) Tahiliani Sex: Female Country: United Kingdom Age: 8 Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy Quadriplegic with Epilepsy Period of treatment: 2007 June 2nd -- Sept 27th Medical history before treatment: 8 year old Shonia Tahiliani was born

Name: Murray Zachary Sex: Male Country: Greece Age:7 years Diagnoses: Encephalitis sequela, Epilepsy Date:June 02, 2014 Days Admitted to Hospital: 27 days Before treatment: The patient suffered from fever 4 and half years ago without obvious reason.

Name: Piper Syndey Pain Sex: Female Country: Australian Age:3 years Diagnosis: Epilepsy Date:May 13, 2014 Days Admitted to Hospital: 27 days Before treatment: The patient suffered from Epilepsy when she was 45 days after birth. She received many anti

Name: SOFIA DEGANO Sex: Female Country: Argentina Age: 2 Diagnoses: 1.WEST Syndrome, 2. Congenital heart disease (atrial septal defect) Admission Date: August 10, 2012 Days Admitted to Hospital: 30 Before treatment: SOFIA is a twin sister. The patien

Name: Koh Tae Hyun Gender: Male Age: 20 Country: Korea Diagnosis: LGS Epilepsy syndrome, fatty liver (mild-moderate), hyperlipidaemia Admission Date: 2010-08-17 Number of Days Admitted: 57 Medical History: Koh is a 20 year old man and the onset of hi

Theodora Sarikouris came to China for stem cell treatment for her seizures which was done by Dr Li Ke Wu, Dr.Xiaojuan Wang and their medical team. After the treatment, she achieved great improvements. NAME: Theodora Sarikouris SEX: Female COUNTRY: Au

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