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Name : Thiago Moreno Sex : Male Nationality : Argentinean Age : 9Y Diagnosis : Left Brachial Plexus Nerve Injury Date of Admission : Jan. 17th, 2018 Treatment hospital/period : Wu Medical Center/14 days Before treatment: The patient was a full-term

Name : Mr.Asqah Sex : Male Nationality : Saudi Arabian Age : 47Y Diagnosis : 1.Ulcerative Colitis(UC) 2. Hyperthyroidism 3. Post cholecystectomy Date of Admission : July 31th, 2017 Treatment hospital/period : Wu Medical Center/21 days Before treatme

Name : Tim Sex : Male Nationality : American Age : 15 months Diagnosis : 1. Leukodystrophy 2. Secondary Epilepsy Date of Admission : March 8th, 2017 Treatment hospital/period : Wu Medical Center/14days Before treatment: The baby was normal when he

Name : Ms.Tantono Sex : Female Nationality : Indonesian Age : 43Y Diagnosis : 1. Lumbar disc herniation 2. Hypertension 1 3. Hyperlipidemia 4. Moderate fatty liver 5. Right kidney stones Date of Admission : December 24th, 2016 Treatment hospital/peri

Name: Gerardo Mazzella Sex: Male Nationality: Australian Age: 39 Diagnosis: Pudendal Nerve Injury Date of Admission : July 28th, 2016 Treatment hospital/period: Wu Medical Center/8days Before treatment: In April 2010, Gerardo felt pain in the right

Name: Mariotte Sex: Male Nationality: American Age: 40 Years Diagnosis : 1. Bipolar Affective Disorder(depressive disorder and anxiety disorder) 2. Bladder Functional Derangement Date of Admission: Jun 19th, 2016 Treatment hospital/period : Wu Medica

Name: Jamal Asaad Tunsi Sex : Male Age: 61 Country: Saudi Arabia Diagnosis: 1.Type 2 diabetic peripheral neuropathy;2. Hypertension level 2 high risk group;3. Hyperlipemia;4. Sleep apnea syndrome Date of Admission: 2015-12-17 Treatment hospital/perio

Name: Amelia Mahvi Sex: Female Nationality: British Age: 46 years old Diagnosis: 1. Swelling and pain of lower limbs ( peripheral nerve angiopathy), 2. Hyperlipemia Date of Admission: December 29, 2015 Treatment hospital/period: Wu Medical Center/6 d

The second round of treatment: Name: Khawaja Muhammad Usman Sex: Male Nationality : Pakistani Age: 3 Diagnosis: 1. Joint dysplasia 2. Microcytic hypochromic anemia Date of Admission: August 19th, 2016 Treatment hospital/period: Wu Medical Center/14d

Name: Bautista Alberdi Garcia Sex: Male Country: Uruguay Age: 5 years Diagnosis: 1. Leukodystrophy 2. Epilepsy 3. Slight Anemia Date of Admission: June 23th, 2015 Treatment Hospital/Period: Wu Medical Center/22 days Before treatment: The patient wa

The second round treatment: Name: Micaela Nahir Favio Forlese Sex: Female Country: Argentina Age: 9 years Diagnosis: 1. Chronic Encephalopathy 2. West Syndrome 3. Sinus Irregularity Date of Admission: May 7, 2015 Treatment Hospital/Period: Wu Medica

Name: Cherry Matty Sex: Female Country: Pakistan Age:64 years Diagnoses:Hyperlipidemia and Memory Loss Date:May 20, 2014 Days Admitted to Hospital: 10 days Before treatment: The patient suffered from elevated lipids and memory loss, but she didn't re

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