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Marcelo Vanay-Spinal cord injury(Argentina) Posted on May 19, 2014

Author Julia Views Posted at 2014/05/19

Name:Marcelo Vanay

Sex: Male

Country: Argentina

Age: 41 years

Diagnoses:Sequelae of spinal cord injury, Post-operative of hydromyelia

Date:April 14, 2014

Days Admitted to Hospital: 28 days

Before treatment:

Marcelo Vanay was crushed by a falling object 22 years ago when he was at work. Then he presented with movement disorders and sensory disorders immediately. He also was unable to control his bladder and bowel movements. He was alert, with no breathing difficulty or swallowing difficulty. He was sent to a local hospital and the examination showed that the patient had fractured his chest, from chest 5 to chest 12. He received operation immediately and steel studs. 2 years later, the steel studs was removed. The patient was found with movement disorders and sensory disorders of both upper limbs 7 years ago. The left side was more severe. He was sent to a local hospital and received examination. The examination result showed he suffered from hydromyelia and syringomyelia. He received operation for water drainage. From the onset of disease, his diet and sleep quality were regular. The patient had difficulty in urinating. There was a need to press his abdomen, 300-400ml each time. The constipation was severe. He had a defecation every 5-7 days. And he needed medication to defecate. There was no bedsore or infection. His weight was reduced than before. At present, the patient move with wheelchair. He also could maintain normal sitting position.

Admission PE:

Bp: 137/90mmHg; Hr: 95/min. Br: 19/min. There were no yellow stains or hemorrhagic spots on skin. There was a surgery scar in his back, size about 40cm. The thorax was symmetrical. The breathing movement of both lungs was poor. The respiratory sounds in both lungs were clear, with no obvious rales. The rhythm of his heartbeat was normal with no obvious murmur in the valves. The abdomen was flat. The doctor did not touch the liver or spleen under the ribs. There was mild edema below the right ankle joint. The temperature of skin was slightly higher than normal.

Nervous System Examination:

Marcelo Vanay was alert and his spirit was good. His memory, calculation and orientation abilities were normal. Both pupils were equal in size and round, the diameter was 3.0mms, both eyeballs could move freely and the pupils reacted normally to light stimulus. The forehead wrinkle pattern was symmetrical. The tongue was centered in the oral cavity and the teeth were shown without deflection. The neck moved normally. The muscle strength to shrug his shoulder was strong. The movement of his right shoulder was limited. The abduction muscle strength of both upper limbs�� near-end was at level 3, and adduction muscle strength of both upper limb' near-end was at level 4. The grasp power of both hands was at level 4. There was muscle contraction in his both lower limbs and the muscle strength of both lower limbs was at level 1. With some assistance, the patient could bend knees and support himself. He could do abduction and abduction in limited range of motion. The muscle tone of both upper limbs was almost normal. The tendon reflex of both upper limbs weak. The muscle tone of both lower limbs was low. Both lower limbs presented with external rotation. Both knees had angulation deformity, and presented with 135 degrees. Bilateral patellar tendon reflex was not elicited. There was muscle atrophy in his four limbs and the far-end was more severe. Right abdominal reflexes were normal, but left abdominal reflexes disappeared. The deep and shallow sensation below T12 was slow down. The deep sensation and shallow sensation below T12 disappeared. Bilateral pathological sign was negative. There was no meningeal irritation sign. He was able to perform the finger-to-nose test and rapid rotation test, but in a clumsy manner. He was unable to finish the heel-knee-shin test.


We initially gave Marcelo Vanay a complete examination and the diagnosis was clear. He received treatment for nerve regeneration and to activate stem cells in the body. He received treatment to improve his blood circulation in order to increase the blood supply to the damaged neurons and to nourish them. We also gave him daily physical rehabilitation.


The patient's heart rate is better than before. At present, the heart rate is 60-70/min in quiescent condition (the heart rate was 90/min at the time of admission). He had difficulty with defecation before the treatment, after treatment the difficulty has been alleviated. He has more strength to control urine, and the urine is under control. He releases 400-600ml urine each time. He has defecation every 2-3 days. He has better ability to raise upper limbs. The muscle strength of whole body has increased to level 1. Both hands has better ability to bend and stretch. The range of activity of shoulder joints and elbow joints has increased. Both lower limbs can move in bed surface. The muscle strength of both lower limbs has increased to level 2+. In recumbent position, the patient can bend hip to 90 degrees and maintain the position. He can bend knees control the adduction and abduction of lower limbs for several minutes. The angulation deformity of both knees is alleviated and presented 170 degrees. The muscle strength of his trunk has improved. The muscle strength in his waist and back has improved in sitting position. The deep sensation and shallow sensation have improved. The sensory disturbance plane reduced to bilateral L4 segment. The edema in both lower limbs has disappeared.


Date: 2014-05-18

Dearest Susan Chu:

Hi, I'm Ana Maria from Vanay! Recently I write now because we arrived very tired, and we took all week to gather ourselves! 

We are happy and at home, restarting a few activities.

Marce is much better, and we want to keep in touch with you, to continue with the treatment. 

We started yesterday with the exercises, with medication we are going well.  Just blood tests I send them you!

Good...   Thank you for everything!   I hope ever come to the Argentina to visit us! 

Greetings to all!  Ana Maria de Vanay

Date: 2014-09-27

Hello doctor Wu, Hello Susan!  
Here I send new analyses of Marcelo. It has good developments, primarily in the urine and the stomach and intestines.  I also regained strength in the arms. 
As already 5 months of the implant (was in April) I wanted to ask if you have to make any changes in medication. 

I send the file as this medication currently taking. These are indications that Dr. Wu had given us at the time.

Many greetings!   Ana Maria Vanay Puccinelli


Hello Susan, Hello doctor Wu!

les shipping analysis for the month of December 2014 my husband Marcelo Vanay.

I hope your evaluation, waiting for his answer. In the months of January or February, we are going to make magnetic resonance.

Marcelo is stabilized, happy because this best of urine.

I hope your evaluation. Greetings to all!

Ana Maria Vanay Puccinelli


Hello Susan Hello doctor Wu, here sending them my husband marcelo vanay blood tests. I am concerned that fell slightly the level of red blood cells. I would like to know your opinion.

Blood pressure is 12.6 and 8.8 and the Pulsations of 101, taken at 3in the afternoon but I was a little nervous.
I need to send me some medicines. I need oryzanol, for one year. Bromocriptine for a year, and five vials of that medicine for the instestinos that like this label in Chinese shipping in attached file.

Susan, you can send me by a mail the cost of medicine? I do you a bank transfer and then I send to any Argentine. I think that Juan Godoy travels to china in April.

Marcelo feels pretty good... Urinary and digestive function very well... legs has a little more mobility in the Forelegs, lacks a bit of strength in arms since we came from China.

Maybe because you need more exercise. I hope the clinical evaluation of Dr. WU, and how to follow the treatment.

Affectionate greetings!

Ana Maria Puccinelli from vanay


Hello Susan, Hello doctor Wu!

les shipping analysis for the month of December 2014 my husband Marcelo Vanay.

I hope your evaluation, waiting for his answer. In the months of January or February, we are going to make magnetic resonance.

Marcelo is stabilized, happy because this best of urine.

I hope your evaluation. Greetings to all! Ana Maria Vanay Puccinelli


Hi Susan, Hello Doctor Wu !!!

My name is Ana Maria, I am the wife of Marcelo Vanay. We traveled to China in April 2014. Marcelo made the treatment ofstem cells because they are in wheelchairs due to an accident that happened 22 years ago. Marcelo is 43 years, and now also has a siringolmelia in the bone. I write this to remind our case.

Marcelo from treatment greatly improved the sphincters and overall fitness. Currently ago rehabilitation responding well to treatment.

I send biochemical analysis to see that Dr. Wu, and I indicate the medication, which was never interrupted. you also send the form of medication you are currently taking.. I commented that amitriptyline takes half a pill in the morning because it is more practical, but in the afternoon weforget.

Currently I need you to send me with Juan Godoy, oryzanol. If you prune send me this medication for a year. The other drugs are available in Argentina.

Many greetings to all !!!!! And I hope they can come to do the treatment here to Argentina, as being the very longjourney without comforts we can not travel to us ...

Thank you very much!! Ana Maria Puccinelli of Vanay


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