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Aliasghar Kiyaei-Multiple sclerosis-(IRAN)-Posted on February 12, 2009

Author Julia Views Posted at 2014/01/14

Ali was diagnosed in 1990 with MS and experienced rapid determination of his body functions.Dr Xiaojuanwang and Dr Like Wu managed to improve his quality of life significantly through stem cell treatment.

Name: Aliasghar Kiyaei

Sex: Male

Age: 43

Begin of treatment: 31. Dec. 2008

Medical History before stem cell treatment:

Ali's symptoms started to manifest when he was 17 with blurry eyesight, dizziness and nausea. At that time he was diagnosed with Food poisoning. Around 6 years later he started to experience weakness throughout his body, and problems with his balance and his walking, started to manifest.

After he went through stressful military service two years later it seemed to trigger more severe attacks on his balance and movement. In the following period he visited many doctors and specialists and in the year 1990 he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

From that point on his condition worsened rapidly. In 1992 he was not able to walk anymore and was forced to use a wheelchair, in 1993 he was confined to a bed. He wasn't able to move his legs or his arms anymore and his sense of balance was gone completely.

Upon arrival in our clinic Ali was not able to move at all. He could only lie in one position and was neither able to move his arms nor his fingers, legs, head or neck. He seemed generally very weak and somewhat lifeless.

He had problems swallowing; sometimes he would choke or cough while he was eating. Also, breathing was troublesome for him, especially while sitting in an upright position because he had no control over his head or neck.

His speech had deteriorated to a point where he couldn't express himself verbally at all and where he was only able to make some very small and not understandable noises.

After the Stem Cells Treatment

The biggest change in Ali could be seen after receiving the second stem cells injection. "Directly one day after the second injection", as his brother Riza remembers "he looked fresher, as like life returned to his body."

Ali was able to lift his arms and had more control over his head and neck. His speech improved significantly, giving him the ability to again express himself verbally in an understandable way. It seemed like his strength had returned to his body.

Around one month after the treatment he made great progress with his body movement. He is now able to control his arms, and started controlling his fingers as well. He can already touch his thumb with his index finger, which is an important development in terms of fine motor skills. He is able to participate in physio-therapy actively and to do his exercises every day. He is also able to breathe normally and coughing while he is in a sitting position has been reduced significantly.


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