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Dezmond James Waters - MSA(USA)

Author Julia Views Posted at 2014/01/14

For MSA patients, Dr. Li Ke Wu and Dr.Xiaojuan Wang can provide an unique stem cell treatment to control their medical condition and block the progress of the disease.

Name: Dezmond James Waters

Sex: Male

Country: USA

Age: 69

Diagnosis: MSA (Multiple System Atrophy)

Beginning of treatment:May 7th, 2008

Medical history before stem cell treatment:

Like many MSA patients, Dezmond was first diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. When he did not respond to any of the Parkinson's medications he was prescribed, his doctors began to suspect that he had something else, eventually leading to the diagnosis of MSA. With only a few options for effective treatment and a disease that was rapidly progressing, Dezmond decided to come to China for stem cell treatment.

When Dezmond arrived in China, the disease had affected his speech so that he was beginning to have trouble speaking for longer periods of time. His mouth would become dry and his words became slurred.

The MSA had also affected Dezmond's sense of balance, making it difficult for him to walk without support. Although he was still able to walk, he would tire after a very short time, loose his balance frequently and find it very difficult to walk in a straight line or turn a sharp corner.

Rolling over in bed and even getting up from his bed or a chair was also difficult for Dezmond. Rolling over was an especially laborious process for him that required time and strength. He described the feeling as being "weighted down by something". If a chair or couch was too low, Dezmond required assistance getting out of it.

Dezmond also had trouble controlling the motor functions in his hands making it difficult for him to grasp items and control hand movements. This made daily chores like combing his hair and eating with a knife and fork difficult for him.


Dezmond received 4 stem cell injections via lumbar puncture and nutritious stem cell cocktail treatment (intravenous).

After stem cell treatment:

While Dezmond was receiving treatment by Dr. Li Ke Wu, he began to see improvements in his motor skills, speech and balance.

He was able to roll over in bed naturally and without much effort. He was also able to get in and out of chairs or his bed more quickly and with more ease than before. While standing, Dezmond's posture was straighter and he was able to keep his balance. Walking became easier; he could walk for longer periods of time and with more confidence and solid steps.

Dezmond was able to grasp a knife and fork and cut his food as well as he was able to about six months before his treatment. He was also able to tie his shoelaces, comb his hair, open bottles and do many other small daily chores which he found difficult to do before the treatment. When describing his improvements, Dezmond explained that "it just feels more natural. I am doing things I haven't been doing for months."

His speaking, which had begun to slur at the time of arrival in China, had become clearer and he was able to talk for longer periods of time.

When Dezmond left the hospital, he and his wife departed for a journey around China. They are doing well and continue to see improvements in his condition.



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