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Ronnie Chester Gordon - PBP (Progressive Bulbar Paralysis)

Author Julia Views Posted at 2014/01/14

Name: Ronnie Chester Gordon
Sex: Male
Country: USA
Age: 63
Diagnosis: Progressive bulbar palsy

Admission Date: 2011-10-10
Days Admitted to Hospital: 32 days

Ronnie Chester Gordon is a 63-year-old male. He was presented with a progressive equilibrium disorder, rigidity throughout the body and a movement disorder for the past 10 years. He suffered from dysgraphia, language difficulties and walking problems which continued to get worse. He had difficulty with starting his movements and his walking speed alternated between slow and fast. The movements were uncoordinated. Ronnie went to a local hospital for treatment and was diagnosed with Parkinson disease. He received medication for treatment, but the symptoms continued to get worse. The upward movement of both eyeballs was limited and both eyes were unable to open. The neck was distorted to the left side. The facial expressions were rigid There was obvious muscle atrophy in the biceps of both arms.

During the nervous system examination, Ronnie was depressed. His voice was low and deep and his speech was ambiguous. There was bilateral ptosis. Both eyes were shut and couldn´t open. The muscle tone of the eyelids was noticeably increased. The eyebrows couldn´t be raised. The chewing action was slow and the amount of time it took to finish a meal was extended, it took about 2 hours. The muscle strength and the ability of the soft palate to be raised were weak. The neck was soft with no resistance. The muscle strength of all four limbs was level 4-. The grasping power had no obvious changes. The muscle tone of all four limbs was slightly high. The bilateral biceps reflex was normal. The bilateral radial periosteal reflex, triceps reflex, patellar reflex and Achilles tendon reflex were diminished. The abdominal reflex was not elicited. The examination of the deep and shallow sensation was almost normal. The bilateral Hoffmann´s sign was negative. The bilateral Babinski´s sign was positive. Ronnie was able to finish the rapid rotation test, heel-knee-shin test and finger-to-nose test, but in a clumsy and slow manner. He could finish the other coordinated movement examinations in a stable manner. He had problems with the Romberg´s sign examination.

We initially gave Ronnie a complete examination. He was diagnosed with progressive bulbar palsy. He received treatment to improve the blood circulation in order to increase the blood supply to the damaged neurons and to nourish them. He also received treatment to control the dystonia and daily physical rehabilitation training.
After the stem cell treatment was completed, Ronnie´s speech was clearer than before and the volume of his voice had increased. He can count in Chinese clearly. The wrinkles in the forehead noticeably became relaxed when he was in a rested state. The ptosis is not as severe as before. The eyes can be half opened for 2-3 minutes each day. The muscle tone of the eyelids has been noticeably reduced. The eyebrows can be raised in small increments. The chewing ability has improved. The amount of time it takes Ronnie to finish a meal has decreased to 30-40 minutes. The distortion of the neck and torso has been obviously alleviated. He can turn over by himself slowly. The hands can be opened at a faster rate. The right hand is able to finish the grasping action in a more flexible manner than before. At present, Ronnie is able to eat solid food by himself. The muscle tone of both arms is normal. He can stand up from a sitting position slowly. He can walk about 100 meters while pushing a wheelchair. The muscle tone of the legs is slightly high when he is in a particular position. Ronnie is now able to finish the rapid rotation test, heel-knee-shin test and finger-to-nose test in a more flexible manner. At present, his condition has improved.

After Ronnie´s discharge from the hospital, one of his family members emailed us:

2012-01-18To all the staff members at Wu Stem Cells Medical Center:

I had requested an appointment with Ronnie´s primary doctor, Dr Auglia. I assumed he would want to know about the treatment. This doctor is very open to other types of treatment. He noticed right away the improvements in Ronnie´s condition, and he went on to point them out. Directly after being at the clinic I started to notice his condition started to improve. Only with close observation would anyone notice his condition starting to improve. Frankly, I don´t think he could get better treatment anywhere else than the treatment he received at your medical center. Everyone there was very compassionate. My guess is if all the given instructions are followed closely at home, Ronnie´s condition will continue to improve.

Thank you

Candy Gordon

Dear medical staff at Wu Stem Cells Medical Center,

The physical therapist says Ronnie is improving. His hands and feet are curled up. His eating has increased. It is hard for him to feed himself as he can´t use his hands properly. His head is straighter and he actually walked with assistance around the house. His speech is gradual.


Candy Gordon

Dear medical staff at Wu Stem Cells Medical Center,

Ronnie seems to be urinating properly now, his head is straightening up and his walking is very slow, use of his hands is limited, his speech could be better.


Candy Gordon

Greetings Medical staff,

Update on Ronnie Gordon. His feet seem to be straightening out. He walked a good distance today and he can walk better with some assistance. His appetite is really good. Will keep you posted of any further changes.

Candy Gordon



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