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Sok Lee - PSP(Progressive Supranuclear Paralysis)

Author Julia Views Posted at 2014/01/14

NAME: Sok Lee
SEX: Male
COUNTRY: indonesia
AGE: 58
DIAGNOSIS: PSP(Progressive Supranuclear Paralysis)

Sok Lee was diagnosed with PSP (progressive supranuclear paralysis); she came to China for stem cell treatment done by Dr. Like Wu, Dr. Xiaojuan Wang and their medical team.
NAME: Sok Lee
SEX: Female
COUNTRY: Indonesia
AGE: 58
DIAGNOSIS: PSP(progressive supranuclear paralysis)
Beginning of stem cell treatment: 18 July, 2007
Medical history before stem cell treatment:
In 2003, Mrs. Lee was initially diagnosed with Parkinson´s. However, as her symptoms progressed, her case was re-evaluated and she was re-diagnosed with PSP a year later.
On arrival to Beijing, Sok´s speech was blurred and she had a high sensitivity to light. She was unable to open her eyes and her eyes were constantly tearing up. She would stay in bed with the curtains drawn and with a sleeping mask over her eyes so that she would not be disturbed by the sunlight.
Sok could walk a little bit by herself but she would drag her feet behind her instead of lifting them up. Her limbs were also very stiff which made movement difficult for her. She could still lift her arms and legs but had little control over her movements and needed help washing, dressing and doing any chores. Although she could support herself for a short while in a sitting position, she needed assistance to get up and she could not remain sitting without support for any length of time.
The main concern for her family however, was that she had a lot of trouble swallowing food, making eating not only difficult for her but also dangerous. She would eat through a feeding tube and even then her family was worried for her safety. Her balance was also affected putting her at risk for falls.
Sok´s nights were very troubled and she could not sleep for long before waking up. Her family was constantly on hand to take care of her, even during the night time.

Sok received 4 stem cell injections via lumbar puncture and nutritious stem cell cocktail treatment (intravenous) by Dr. Li Ke Wu and Dr. Xiaojuan Wang.
After stem cell treatment:
The family noticed two main improvements in Sok´s condition after treatment: The first was that she could open her eyes and that her right eye stopped tearing up. The second was that she did not have to use a feeding tube but could be fed normally and chew food on her own without choking.
Sok was still quite stiff and had trouble moving around but she did not drag her feet behind her when she walked; instead she lifted them up and walked with more confident steps. She was also able to sit up on her own and her family said she experienced many more good days than she did before and she is able to do more things for herself.
Her family and the medical team also noticed a change in her voice. She talked increasingly more clearly although her speech was still somewhat slurred.
Sok and her family know that there is still a lot of work to be done when they got home in order to maintain the improvements they saw while in China. They told us they were looking forward to a more focused treatment when they got back to Indonesia, now that Sok was able to do more for herself.


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