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Multiple Stem Cell Treatments Quickening Pace of Healing in Brain Injury Patients

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Nov 29, 2007 by China Stem Cells Medical Center

November 29, 2007 - Beijing, China Stem Cells Medical Center(http://www.chinastemcell.com.cn ), the leader in treating neurological disorders such as brain injuries and degenerative diseases, announced today that over half of their current international patients are planning return trips to China after significant improvement from initial stem cell treatments. The renowned 8 week program, which includes stem cell injections and intensive physiotherapy, is giving a growing number of Chinese and International patients the ability to self-improve from debilitating disorders. The program often brings patients visible progress, and at a much quicker pace than rehabilitation without stem cells that international patients normally experience in their home countries, where few options exist.

"Patients are beginning to recognize the value of coming to Beijing several times to be treated with our stem cells," said Dr. Like Wu, Director of Neurology at China Stem Cells Medical Center For us healthy people, what seems like merely slight progress can be a significant breakthrough for sufferers of nerve disorders. Families are realizing that the time, pain and effort spent to make such gains could be greatly reduced through a long-term program of effective stem cell treatment in Beijing," Dr. LiKe Wu said. More information on medica center doctors and their research can be found on the website: http://www.chinastemcell.com.cn.

In October of this year, the family of Australian Adrian Blazevic became the medical center´s first patient to reserve a third stay in the normally fully-booked Stem Cells treatment facility at China Stem Cells Medical Center. Adrian, who in 2004 fell from a 30 meter cliff while walking with friends, suffered extensive brain damage. Although cognitive, twenty-one year old Adrian can only communicate through his eyes, his laughter, and a few definable sounds that his family can recognize as ´yes´and ´no´. Based on the immediate gains made during Adrian´s first treatment in late 2006, his family brought him back for another treatment in autumn 2007, whereby Adrian clearly attained another level in his progress. His muscle strength increased and tension in his limbs decreased. His left leg became especially strong allowing his walking to improve. Adrian showed better eye contact and tracking, and had greater awareness of surroundings, more pitched vocal responses, and based on his facial expressions and sound, his emotional communications became sharper. More information and before and after videos of Adrian´s treatments can be found at http://http://www.chinastemcell.com.cn/exsj.aspplid=29&blclaid=3

Adrian´s mother, Mrs. Diana Blazevic said, each time we come to Beijing Adrian amazes me with his quick improvement right after the stem cell injection. We are really happy we came back.

About China Stem Cells Medical Center

China Stem Cells Medical Center, a medical center under TP Biomedical Ltd., is a world-class neurological treatment facility in Beijing that is rapidly gaining renown as the world´´s foremost center for treatment of Parkinson´´s disease, brain injury, and a range of other neurological disorders through its groundbreaking stem cell therapy. The medical center collaborates with the China Stem Cells Research Center of Peking University, which is the leading stem cells research center in China. There, stem cells are cultured for clinical application. To date, China Stem Cells Medical Center has treated with stem cells over 40 international patients suffering from a range of neurological disorders. More details about China stem Cells Medical Center can be found on the website http://www.chinastemcell.com.cn


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