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China leading worldwide Stem Cells Research to help nervous disease patients

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Feb 01, 2008 By Jianguo Xiao,Susan

Imagine you had a healthy child, maybe around three years old. It would enhance every day of your life, making every hour beautiful with its laughter. It would start walking and exploring its surrounding curiously. You went through all periodic check-ups and never was suggested that anything was wrong with your child. You would notice, that its speech would not be as developed as other child , but the doctors reassured you "That is normal, some children develop faster and some a little slower".

Than the shock, a few weeks after its 4th birthday, your child is struck down by a severe seizure. Helpless you can only watch, and immediately call an ambulance. After around 30 minutes everything is passed, but you are alerted, something is not right. In the following few months, your child goes through several medical exams, from one diagnosis to the next, until the fatal conclusion is upon you: your child is diagnosed with battens disease. Battens disease is a severe neural disorder, which in the following months and years will continually degrade the body functions of your child and end in fatality within its early teen years.

For parents of around 50.000 children worldwide this brutal imagination is cruel reality. And battens disease is only one of many nervous diseases. Parkinson’s, Battens Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), Cerebral Palsy, Post Stroke Traumas, Brain Injuries and Spinal Cord Injuries, all of these, just to mention a few, are nervous diseases, disorders or defects which attack the nervous system directly, and therefore have many things in common. They all leave the patient unable to care for themselves, often not being able to move or even to speak. Many patients are not able to eat solid food or to have a normal digestion or bowel movement. First and foremost though: It leaves patients and relatives hopeless because, facing these serious diseases and disorders, our modern medicine, which managed to achieve so much in recent decades, is left powerless.

At least that was the case until very recently. Although a very fiercely discussed topic, stem cells research became more and more of an answer in the fight against nervous diseases. Even though research and treatment is restricted, or even forbidden in many countries, there have been incredible progresses in recent years, proving, that stem cell treatment is the most efficient way of treating these kinds of nervous diseases.

In China, Dr. Li Ke Wu and Dr. Xiaojuan Wang have been always accepted as two of the worlds most experienced and able specialists. During the last 20 Years they lead and participated in various stem cells research programs and managed to treat over 400 patients during their work at the Beijing Tiantan Puhua Hospital. Recently, they and their medical team devoted themselves to even more help patients worldwide, in dire need for help. So, in the end of 2008, in a joint venture with the Peking University, they founded the China Stem Cells Medical Center.

The China Stem Cells Medical Center is founded in the outskirts of Beijing, to be a haven for patients suffering under these horrible conditions worldwide. Laid out to provide room for over 500 patients and located close to the World Park in a clean and quite part of Beijing, it provides the perfect environment for a successful and relaxing treatment. Its Stem Cells Technology is acknowledged as one of the most advanced in this world, and with it, Dr. Wu and Dr. Wang can promise obvious improvements to patient-conditions within 5 weeks of their stem cells treatment. Even more, research is continued in their own top-advanced research facilities, providing the promise of stem cells research breakthroughs of tomorrow.

A Patient of Dr. Wu and Dr. Wang, Penny Thomas, was diagnosed with Parkinson´ s disease with the age of 44. Eight years later, she came to China to receive stem cells treatment. During these eight years her condition gradually worsened. She suffered under uncontrollable shakings and her muscles were extremely tense. When she was on the phone, her condition would make it difficult for her to maintain a proper conversation. She could neither read nor write because of the tremors she experienced. She could not eat by herself, out of fear of choking. Simple everyday tasks like brushing her hair, or dressing up became impossible challenges for her.

After the treatment, her condition improved significantly. The shakings and tremors stopped completely and the tension in her muscles disappeared so that she was able to read and write again. Her speech became clear again and she could articulate herself on the phone once more. She was not afraid to eat by herself anymore and her movement normalized, enabling her to brush her hair and dress up, all by herself, and even more:

"Well it has been one year that I returned home from China after receiving my stem cells. I can honestly say it is the best thing that I could have done for myself to help heal my body. I am able now to dig in the garden, ride horses again, swim, and do many other exercises that I could not do any more before I received the cells. I am also driving and hiking in the mountains of Colorado for the summer."Penny wrote.

If you would like to get more information, or if you know somebody, who might as well want to profit from this top advanced treatment, please visit www. stemcellscommunity.com for more information.


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