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Umbilical cord blood mesenchymal stem cells transplantation fo MSA

Author Julia Views Posted at 2014/02/17

Journal of Clinical Rehabilitative Tissue Engineering Research October 1, 2009 Vol.13, No.40

Wu Li-ke, Wang Xiao-juan, Xu Bao-lei, Chu Sai-chun

Wu Stem Cells Medical Center, Beijing 100070 China

Abstract: In September, 2008, a multiple system atrophy (MSA) patient was enrolled at the Wu Stem Cells Medical Center. We used umbilical cord blood mesenchymal stem cells (UCB-MSCs) transplantation treatment, combined with daily medications to control the blood pressure, expand the blood vessels, anti-free radicals, nourish the neurons and stabilize the cell membrane at the same time. The patient was in the left lateral position, bending at the hip joint, knee joint and the neck, we selected the point of puncture to be between the L3-L4 of the spine and injected 5 mL UCB-MSCs (5 million stem cells) slowly into the subarachnoid space within 10 minutes following 2 mg dexamethasone was slowly infused, once a week, 4 times as a course. UMSARS multiple system atrophy scale were used to grade. The higher score indicated the severer the disease. After 4 weeks of treatment, the UMSARS scale was decreased from 91 points to 60 points (after treatment), the postural hypotension had improved very much, and blood pressure had no obvious change when the patient changed posture. The muscle tone decreased obviously, she could hold her head up much more easily and turn around freely. The movement ability of all four limbs has had remarkable improvement: muscle force of upper limbs was 5-, she could lift her arms and touch her head freely; Muscle force of left lower limb was 4 degrees, and the right lower limb is 3+ degrees. She could speak clearly but slowly. Her swallowing ability was nearly normal, and she could now eat normally on a consistent basis. She did not affect any significant side effects during 3-months follow-up. These results suggested that UCB-MSCs implantation was effective in the treatment of MSA, and neural function of this patient was significantly improved.

Supported by : The the Science and Technology Plan Program of Beijing, No. H020220010390

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