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Journal Of Clinical Rehabilitation Tissue Engineering Research November 5,2009 Vol.13,No.45 Wu Like, Wang Xiaojuan,Xu Baolei, Liu Shuangshuang,Chu Saichun,Cheng Bo Beijing Wu Stem Cells Medical Center, Beijing China 100070 Abstract OBJECTIVE: To obse

Chinese Journal of Cell Biology June, 2004 Vol.26 No.3 The comparision of organotypic culture spinal cord and internal spinal cord Li Chun Yan, Wang Xiaojuan Read more: en/upfiles/pdf/The_comparision_of_organotypic_culture_spinal_cord_and_internal_sp

Journal of Brain and Nervous Diseases 1997,Vol 5, No 5 The old arterial sclerosing huntington's disease in 2 patients Wu Like, Wang Xiaojuan Read more: /en/upfiles/pdf/The_old_arterial_sclerosing_huntington's_disease_in_2_patients.PDF

Beijing Medical Journal 2005 Vol.27 No.3 Wang Xiaojuan, Song Xueqin, Wang Liqin,et al Abstract Objective To develop a method of organotypic culture of spinal cord slice and to establish ways to different ventral a-motor neuron and dosal intereuron. M

Journal of Brain and Nervous Diseases 2003,Vol 13, No 2 The therapy progress of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Wang Xiaojuan; Xiao Xiangjian Read more: en/upfiles/pdf/The_therapy_progress_of_Amyotrophic_Lateral_Sclerosis.PDF

Chinese journal of cell biology 2004,26:635-639 The construction of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis spinal cord model Liu Weigang; Wang Xiaojuan; Xiao Xiangjian Read more: en/upfiles/pdf/The_construction_of_amyotrophic_lateral_sclerosis_spinal_cord_mo

Acta Biologiae Experimentalis sinica Vol.38,No.2 April 2005 The influnce of glutamic acid transfer inhibitor to organotypic culture spinal cord Xiao Xiangjian; Wang Xiaojuan; Wang Liqin Read more: en/upfiles/pdf/The_influnce_of_glutamic_acid_transfer

Journal of Brain and Nervous Diseases 2003,Vol 11, No 5 Wang Liqin; Song Xueqin; Wang Xiaojuan Absrract: Objective: to establish purified culture system of dorsal root ganglion (DRG) cells derived from embryonic rats in NBImedia. Methods: Dosal root

Health News/2005/ December/14/004 Edition Consultant of Therapy Author: Wu Like Abstact: This is a new recovery method for the treatment of cerebrovascular disease sequela, the effects are good, but the treatment expenses are relatively high. Read mo

Chinese Journal of Nervous and Mental Diseases 2004 ,30(4): 256 Wang Xiaojuan, Wu Like, Li Chunyan Abstract: The objective is to examine the levels of nitric oxide (NO) and tumor necrosis factor (TNF) in the cerebrospinal fluid of patients with cereb

Health News/2006/September/11/ 004 Edition Patients in the Marrow Brain Sequelae Stage Still Have the Chance to Have Successful Therapy Wu Like , Wang Xiaojuan Read more: en/upfiles/pdf/Patients_in_the_Marrow_Brain_Sequelae_Stage_Still_Have_the_Chanc

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