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Name : Rodney Hargrave Sex : Male Nationality : Australian Age : 37Y Diagnosis : Cerebellar ataxia Date of Admission : Oct. 1st, 2017 Treatment hospital/period

Posted at 2018-3-22 by Zhangqi

Name : Juan Nietch Sex : Male Nationality : American Age :47Y Diagnosis : spinocerebellar ataxia I Date of Admission : Sept. 2nd, 2017 Treatment hospital/period

Posted at 2018-3-1 by Zhangqi

Name : Bill Moison Sex : Male Nationality : American Age : 69Y Diagnoses : 1.ataxia 2. Neural degenerative disease Date of Admission : November 5th, 2016 Treatm

Posted at 2017-4-13 by Zhangqi

Name : Adam Hesham Sex : Male Nationality : Egyptian Age : 9 Diagnosis : 1.Hereditary ataxia 2. Upper Respiratory Infection (URI) Date of Admission : August 25t

Posted at 2017-3-22 by Zhangqi

Name : Albert Tucan Sex : Male Nationality : American Age : 59Y Diagnosis : ataxia, Neurodegenerative Diseases Date of Admission : November 16th, 2016 Treatment

Posted at 2017-2-22 by Zhangqi

Name: Bruna Regina Inocente Sex: Female Nationality: Brazilian Age: 27 Diagnoses: 1. Spinocebellar ataxia 2. Sinus Tachycardia Date of Admission : August 22th,

Posted at 2016-11-29 by Zhangqi

Name: Megawati Theresia. Sex: Female Nationality: Indonesian Age: 52 Diagnoses: 1. Spinocerebellar ataxia 2. Acute Upper Respiratory Infection Date of Admiss

Posted at 2016-4-29 by Mary

Name: YI HAN Sex: Female Nationality: China Age: 57 years Diagnosis: Spinocerebellar ataxia Date of Admission: November 26, 2015 Treatment hospital/period: Wu M

Posted at 2016-1-14 by Zhangqi

The second round treatment: Name: Fredrick Tugume Sex: Male Country: Uganda Age: 38 Diagnosis: Cerebellar ataxia Date of Admission: Jan.31, 2016 Treatment ho

Posted at 2015-3-17 by Tracy

Stem Cell Therapy for Hereditary ataxia (Oct. 25th, 2014) By Like Wu, Xiaojuan Wang, Pearly Liu, Bo Cheng and Susan Chu Wu Medical Center The patient is 33-year

Posted at 2015-2-2 by Tracy
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