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Name : Mr.Kim Sex : Male Nationality : Korean Age : 45Y Diagnosis : Optic nerve and retina injury (Post glaucoma) Date of Admission : Feb. 6th, 2017 Treatment h

Posted at 2017-7-7 by Zhangqi

Name: Grzegorz Piotr Waranecki Sex: Male Age: 43 Nationality :Poland Diagnosis: 1. Optic Nerve Atrophy 2. glaucoma Admission Date: 2014-11-17 Treatment time: 21

Posted at 2014-12-16 by Tracy

Name: Shaikh Nadeem Abdul Saleem Sex: Male Country: Pakistan Age: 47 Diagnoses: 1. Optic atrophy 2. Retinosis 3. glaucoma 4. Post-cataract surgery 5. Hepatitis

Posted at 2014-1-14 by Julia

Name: Ebtehaj Basttahm Sex: Male Country: Iran Age: 7 years Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy Beginning of Treatment: Oct 29th, 2008 Medical History before Stem Cell Tr

Posted at 2014-1-13 by Julia


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